What is Smarthism?

There are four main sects or practices Hinduism Shaivism, Saktism, Vaishnavism and Smarthism.

Smarthism is an ancient Brahminical tradition reformed by Sankara in the ninth century. The wordSmartas means those who follow the Smriti or dharma Sastras. Smartas follow the Smriti literature, particularly Dharma Shastra, Puranas and the Ithihasas. They worship five forms of God and also revere the Vedas and the Agamas. These are Shiva, Vishnu, Ganapathi, Surya and Shakti and this system is called Panchayatana.  Sankara reformed the sect and today the sect is synonymous with Adi Shankara’s monistic, meditative and philosophical theories. Kumara was further added by Shankara’s reform. The five-sect system of Smartas is that in which the deities can be chosen as one’s own personal and preferred deity (Ishta Devata). Smarta sect is the liberal branch of current day Hinduism that believes in attainment of salvation through mainly Jnana yoga. However other Yogas like Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga are also believed to bring enlightenment. Jnana Yoga involves the study of scriptures (shravana), reflection (manana) and sustained meditation (dhyana).

Most Smarta – liberal Hindus believe that moksha is achieved through Jnana yoga alone – defined as an intellectual and meditative but non-kundalini-yoga path. Jnana yoga’s progressive stages are scriptural study [sravana], reflection [manana] and sustained meditation [dhyana]. Guided by a realized guru and avowed to the unreality of the world, the initiate meditates on himself as Brahman to break through the illusion of Maya. Devotees may also choose from three other non-successive paths to cultivate devotion. accrue good karma and purify the mind. These are Bhakthi yogaKarma yoga andRaja yoga, which certain Smartas teach, can also bring enlightenment.

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Temple Design

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Temple Plan

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Letter to Panandikers regarding construction of Temple

Shri Shantadurga Prassanna

Shri Govind Purus Prassanna

Panandiker’s Govind Purus Trust

(Registration No 15/10, Ponda Goa)

Shri Mahalaxmi Saunsthan, Laxminagar, Madel, Sernabatim, Colva, Salcette, Goa – 403708

Dear Sir,

We refer to the SYNOPSIS about the movement undertaken to construct a temple for our Mulpurus vide our letter dated 19.04.2010 sent on behalf of the Panandiker Kutumb.

We are now pleased to inform you that the efforts of the movement has culminated in the approval of  our plan for construction of the Mulpurus Temple by the Queula Panchayat vide their Construction License No 12/2010-2011 dated 29.09.2010. We are further pleased to inform you that we have formed a trust by the name of Panandiker’s Govind Purus Trust which is registered with the Sub Registrar at Ponda, under No 15/10 with office as above.

The following are the present seven office bearers of the Trust:-

  1. Shri Sukhanand P. Panandiker — 9422641391 — President
  2. Shri Prasad V. Pai Panandiker — 9422057204 — Vice President
  3. Shri Raghudatha S. Pai Panandikar — 9822410444 — Secretary
  4. Shri Shamsunder R. Poi Panandikar — 9421240936 — Jt. Secretary
  5. Shri Pandurang M. Pai Panandiker — 9822125385 — Treasurer
  6. Shri Atul X. Pai Panandikar — 9890358046 — Jt. Treasurer
  7. Shri Rohit R Pai Panandiker — 8975766034 — Attorney

By invoking the blessings of Shri Shantadurga and Shri Govind Purus, we shall soon commence the construction of the Temple.

The membership of the Trust is open to all major male members and who are

  • Mahajans of Shri Shantadurga Saunstan, Kavlem
  • belonging to Bharadwaj Gotra, and
  • have the deity of their kulpurus by the name of “Govind Purus” presently installed and worshiped at Kavlem in the residence of the Vinayak Pendse family.

We request you to be a member of the Trust and contribute to the construction of the Temple generously. Your membership fee and/or donations may be sent by account payee and crossed cheques in favor of the Trust. For further details kindly contact any of the above office bearers.

Thanking you in anticipation and expecting your whole-hearted support in this holy work of relocation of our Mulpurus.

With Respectful Regards,



Plea for content

If you have any content that you may want to add to this site for e.g.  the history, origins, customs, rites, photographs etc please send them to either raj@panandiker.com or hand it over to one of the office bearers of the Trust.

Welcome to the Panandiker Kutumb’s Shri Govind Purus Website

Welcome to the Panandiker Kutumb’s Govind Purus Website. The site has been created to disseminate information on the mul purus of the Panandiker Kutumb. In the coming weeks more information on the trust and upcoming construction work will be uploaded here.