Panandiker’s Govind Purus Trust

A trust has been formed by the name of Panandiker’s Govind Purus Trust which is registered with the Sub Registrar at Ponda, under No 15/10 with office as above.

The following are the present seven office bearers of the Trust:-

Shri Sukhanand P. Panandiker — 9422641391 — President
Shri Prasad V. Pai Panandiker — 9422057204 — Vice President
Shri Raghudatha S. Pai Panandikar — 9822410444 — Secretary
Shri Shamsunder R. Poi Panandikar — 9421240936 — Jt. Secretary
Shri Pandurang M. Pai Panandiker — 9822125385 — Treasurer
Shri Atul X. Pai Panandikar — 9890358046 — Jt. Treasurer
Shri Rohit R Pai Panandiker — 8975766034 — Attorney

The membership of the Trust is open to all major male members and who are

  • Mahajans of Shri Shantadurga Saunstan, Kavlem
  • belonging to Bharadwaj Gotra, and
  • have the deity of their kulpurus by the name of “Govind Purus” presently installed and worshiped at Kavlem in the residence of the Vinayak Pendse family.

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