Settlor Members **

(Membership fees Rs. 5000/-)

  1. Sukhanand P Panandikar
  2. Arvind N Panandikar
  3. Atul X Panandikar
  4. Pandurang M Panandikar
  5. Rohit R Pai Panandiker
  6. Rohan R Pai Panandiker
  7. Manguesh V Panandikar
  8. Gurunath G Panandikar
  9. Shamsunder R Panandikar
  10. Satish S Panandikar
  11. Nilkant D Panandikar
  12. Digamber V Panandikar
  13. Umesh S Panandikar
  14. Ramakant S Panandikar
  15. Suresh R Panandikar
  16. Raghudath S Panandikar
  17. Shanu A Pai Panandiker
  18. Navnath R Panandikar
  19. Damodar R Panandikar
  20. Prasad V Panandikar

Total Membership Fees From Settlor Members : Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Only)

Other Members **

(Membership Fees Rs. 1000/-)

  1. Gaurang D Pai Panandiker
  2. Gopalkrishna S Pai Panandiker
  3. Baburao S Pai Panandiker
  4. Anand S Pai Panandiker
  5. Satyesh A Pai Panandiker
  6. Waman S Pai Panandiker
  7. Shekhar W Pai Panandiker
  8. Rajesh V Pai Panandiker
  9. Shuben S Panandiker
  10. Shailen P Panandiker
  11. Jatin U Panandiker

Total Membership Fees from Other Members : Rs. 11,000/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand Only)

** This list is updated as and when possible. If you have enrolled as a member and your name does not appear at the moment, please note that it will appear when the list is updated.

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